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MLB Season 2005 – WOW! It all comes down to this.

September 30th, 2005

Crazy! It has come down to this final weekend for the Red Sox, Yankees and Indians. The Red Sox basically have to sweep the Yankees this weekend and hope that Cleveland doesn’t do the same to the White Sox. The drama! Awesome.

This article explains it all (ESPN)

This is good solace for losing in the first round of my fantasy baseball league playoffs.

Bravo Netflix CRM

September 28th, 2005

Netflix knows that I love Family Guy (from my ratings), they send me an email last week reminding me that the new Family Guy DVD is releasing this week and I add it to the top of my queue. It hit stores yesterday — the netflix version arrived in my mailbox today (I think it was the first ever netflix arrival that went straight from the envelope into the dvd player) and I am a very happy Netflix customer.

How great is it to see a newly released DVD the day after it was released, not have to go out of my way to do so and not have to put down the $20 betting that it’ll be a keeper DVD? It’s pretty freakin sweet (as was the DVD, check it out).

Bravo Netflix! Bravo!

a cup of tea

September 26th, 2005

I must say, an evening cup of tea is quite nice. (decaf of course) I might have to make this a habit.


September 20th, 2005

I was checking the itunes podcast directory and saw a FOX Family Guy podcast! Awesome!

Well, no. Listening to it, it’s one of the worst podcasts I have ever heard. It’s basically this guy recapping the episode. It sucks. It’s nothing original and it’s not new content! Television without pity does recaps, but they’re good because they’re written in a cool, personal, original style.

This podcast blows. Bad job FOX. You had me with Arrested Development and the cool “” site, but you pissed me off with these lame podcasts. (I’m assuming that the Arrested Development production team had everything to do with and nothing to do with this crap podcast, so they still rock!)

Here’s the link if you feel like listening to something that may cause you to bash your head on the table: iTunes Store Link

Check out television without pity for great tv recaps!

Arrested Development

September 20th, 2005

Arrested Development is back on! Hooray for the new season! I love this show. I laugh out loud (like a buffah laugh) several times each episode and I intend to buy them all on DVD (sometime).

Another awesome thing, the fake website they mention in the episode, is actually a real, fake website! Great use of web marketing. I wonder what kind of traffic this page will get? 10% of the viewers?

Check it out! Arrested Development!

When is the international 1337 speak day?

September 19th, 2005

Just wondering, cause today is sp33k liek a p|r@t3 d4y

Today is international “Talk Like a Pirate” day

September 19th, 2005

Check out the “ergonomic pirate keyboard

Corsair has to be my favorite pirate synonym.

My lame pirate joke – Where do pirates go to school? Harrrrrrrrvarrrrrrrrrd

harvard sucks.

but Pirates Rul3z!

dreamhost ru|3z

dreamhost ru|3z