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Wow! I may no longer be a Dodgers fan!

October 29th, 2005

WTF! I just read news that Paul DePodesta was fired as GM of the Dodgers. The new ownership was already on shaky ground when they bought the team in part with a loan from News Corp (who they bought they team from!) (ok, I’d like to buy your car but I’ll need 10 grand to buy it from you, can you spare me 10 grand? wtf!) – then Frank McCourt (the owner) made his wife the president of the team! (WTF! I don’t care if she’s the best corporate exec evar (which she isn’t) – this is just too incestuous). But, they did hire Paul DePodesta — and they were letting him do his magic — until today. This team is in trouble. The owners never had the money it takes to build a winning baseball team — now it is blatantly obvious that they don’t have the brains!

Well, I guess I can follow my fan allegiances to wherever Paul DePo ends up – or maybe wherever Theo Epstein ends up — or maybe the Angels (there’s a good owner! albeit a bit crazy with the team renaming thing) — or maybe even back to the Yankees (god forbid). (just so you know, I grew up nowhere close to any MLB team and didn’t really get into the sport until college. So, I have no strong childhood allegiances to any team, and I started following the Dodgers when I moved to LA (local team, right, makes sense, plus they too had left the east coast for LA). so, maybe I’ll just move somewhere that has a better run local team).

UGH. Well, we’ll see what happens. I do LOVE the MLB offseason, and this is certainly already turning out to be an exciting one!

I’ll check back later and see if my ire has calmed. Too bad

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Oh, and it will be interesting to see if the idiot sports writers at the LA Times say good things about this. They’ve always been dogging DePodesta. I can’t stand some of the articles they write.

Note to Self – If I ever record an album

October 22nd, 2005

If I ever record an album, it should just be tracks of music and songs — no spoken interludes, gags, themes or skits. Hopefully the music will be timeless, but I guarantee myself that anything else will get old fast.

Benny can you hear me? What? Who?

October 22nd, 2005

This week I’ve been recovering from an ear infection which has caused impaired hearing. It’s interesting to take note of what it’s like only having half my hearing. For one, I’m totally off my game. I shy away from talking to people or long conversations because I know I’ll miss most of it – and don’t know how the other person would react. Walking around the office, I don’t know if someone is trying to get my attention and thinking that I’m blowing them off (when, in reality, I’m not consciously blowing them off). Also, I’m basically hearing everything in mono – so when there are more than two people talking, it’s very hard to focus in on any one conversation. And, I don’t really know how loud I’m talking. Monday I was speaking at near whisper (which, is kind of close to my already low and mumbly speak). Anyway, just interesting to see for a bit (thank god it’s not permanent!) how it would be to not have 100% of my hearing. It gives me a lot more sympathy for those without it. Makes me think of an older relative who now can’t really go to parties because they can’t hear too well. In those situations you just don’t know what’s going on and it all amounts to a lot of confusion and people wondering why you’re confused — that sucks!

The coolest thing though — today I found out that if I open my mouth just right, I can hear the ocean!

Coffee + Tea = ?

October 19th, 2005

Lately I’ve been enjoying a cup (or two) of tea at night. So, I go to make myself a cup of mint tea (Trader Joe’s) and I do notice that the tea seemed to steep very fast . . . awesome, i just made coffee flavored tea (by accident of course). And, since I often dismiss the red flags that my brain throws, I took that first sip — expecting that soothing, warm mint — instead I got that dis-settling, bitter, old-coffee mint.

As it turns out, I had forgotten to clean out the grinds from this morning. (I have a bunn coffee pot, just pour water in the top and you get instant hot water from the reservoir, so it’s great for coffee and a quick cup of tea).

kind of funny too, i was intentionally making some decaf tea!! haha, it’s not decaf now!

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