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Bond Thanksgiving Marathon!

November 27th, 2005

I love Bond marathons! Someday I’ll probably get them all on dvd. A couple of notes though about watching bond this time: in Goldeneye, I kept getting flashbacks to the videogame (man, that was a great game) and the opening song of Diamonds are Forever doesn’t have that sweet bass track and there’s no cameo rapping by Jay-Z.

update – Mr. Wint and Mr. Kid ruin the entire movie of Diamonds are Forever, ugh. At least they die in the end.

Yes! Nous Non Plus show at El Cid!

November 22nd, 2005

Tout Va Bien: Ramblings of …Nous Non Plus: Cote Gauche Tour Coming Together

Nous Non Plus (the best, ever faux french rock band) just announced a Jan 20th show at El Cid (Los Angeles). I’ll be there — hopefully you can join me!

game system dilemas

November 21st, 2005

so, the xbox 360 is out now, and it’s all hotness. and, the psp is still some relative hotness. also, the nintendo gameboy micro looks like a good bang-for-the-buck fun system to have for plane flights, etc. but, all of these cost money, and there will be more hotness to come. and, the fact remains that I got rid of my gamecube and have stopped playing games at home. so, do I want to take the plunge again and get a gaming system? my time is definitely better spent doing other things (reading, working on computer) . . . but gaming is fun. I guess the best option is to wait (I can’t buy an xbox now anyway, since I didn’t pre-order or I’m not standing in line right this moment). anyway, lots of hotness these days in the gaming world. cool stuff.

Lewis Black Show

November 19th, 2005

What a great time. My sides ache, my cheeks ache and I cried with laughter. Very funny, all new material I hadn’t heard and relevant and funny. The thing is though, after watching some pros work their comedy magic, my jokes seem even lamer. It’s sort of like watching baseball or football and then feeling the urge to go outside and toss the ball around. haha, ball. I said “toss the ball.”

Time for Lewis Black!

November 18th, 2005

w00t! Details later . . .

Posting it for the Lychee

November 18th, 2005 – NCF – Yale to limit drinking, tailgating for Harvard game
That sucks.
Harvard University Says: WE SUCK
They do suck.
boola boola, bitches

November 16th, 2005

Lost Remote: Cancellation great for ‘Arrested Development’ via

November 15th, 2005

I’m so paranoid about ending sentences in prepositions. And I do it all the time, ugh. Email and instant messaging have made my grammar crap. Thank god for spell check in the google toolbar, my posts are at least free of spelling errors (assuming I remember to spell check).

Dodgers have new GM, Colletti

November 15th, 2005

News Story

Eh, whatever. We’ll see how this goes, I don’t really have my hopes up. Assistant GM from SF, I’ll go chat with some former Bay area peeps and see if this is anything to be excited about. It is good to have the search over and hopefully the team can move on and have a worthwhile off-season. My enthusiasm about the Dodgers is pretty low right now. Thankfully, there’s still Vin Scully! I would listen to him call a game of pigeon four-square or talk about source control management for hours. The man is a living legend. I wonder what Dodger Thoughts will have to say.

update — Here’s my answer to what Dodger Thoughts will say! Dodger Thoughts is an awesome blog and my favorite source of Dodger opinion.

Buy Arrested Development on DVD!

November 15th, 2005

Amazon has a great price right now (thanks slickdeals and thanks ariff for telling me about slickdeals) on Season 1 and Season 2 of Arrested Development (buy both together to get the best deal).

Get them now before they’re gone forever!

Now I just wait for the mail to arrive and I can relive the glory of season 1 and 2.

Arrested Development – Season One

Arrested Development – Season Two

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