I Love Katamari (on PSP)!

Katamari Poster - Prince Ru|3z, even as a little stuffed toy - so cool

I can’t get that song outta my head! Naanaaa, na na na na na na na, katamari damacy . . . Na Na! nananananana . . . and on it goes. But I love it. It’s especially fun when the katamari is over 50meters and prince is rolling up buildings. I only wish I could find a translation somewhere online, I (we, buds at work have it too) have the Japanese import version for psp (we just couldn’t wait the one month for the english version). Let me know if you find a translation. Oh, hit left and circle (at the same time) twice to do a 180 around your katamari. And, I think the raft is where you go for multiplayer (the table is for infrastructure (I think)).

Official Site

update! wait a second, I know the internet better than that – use google translate on the official katamari page!

update 2 it’s so obvious now, to do multiplayer, the host sits at the table and the others go on the raft to the hosts island! but of course! Thank you google translate.

dreamhost ru|3z

dreamhost ru|3z