My Top LA Coffee Destinations

October 7th, 2007

I have made a list on yelp of My Top LA Coffee Destinations. Check it out!

Coffee + Tea = ?

October 19th, 2005

Lately I’ve been enjoying a cup (or two) of tea at night. So, I go to make myself a cup of mint tea (Trader Joe’s) and I do notice that the tea seemed to steep very fast . . . awesome, i just made coffee flavored tea (by accident of course). And, since I often dismiss the red flags that my brain throws, I took that first sip — expecting that soothing, warm mint — instead I got that dis-settling, bitter, old-coffee mint.

As it turns out, I had forgotten to clean out the grinds from this morning. (I have a bunn coffee pot, just pour water in the top and you get instant hot water from the reservoir, so it’s great for coffee and a quick cup of tea).

kind of funny too, i was intentionally making some decaf tea!! haha, it’s not decaf now!

With Teeth Clenched

April 4th, 2005

No, not me listening to Creed! Haha. So, lately I’ve found that I’ve been clenching/grinding my teeth more often — especially (I think) when I sleep. I’m attributing this to going back on coffee (don’t you worry coffee, things are still great with us), but it may also have to do with anger and stress (but mostly coffee). Anyway, chocolate seems to help ease the tension. So, I guess I should watch the coffee intake at night (and chill out a bit, what’s the big deal anyway?).

the first cup is the deepest

March 27th, 2005

Days without coffee: 0
Days until coffee: 0

That’s right, it’s all over. I went a total 47 days without coffee. I had my first cup at brunch after Easter mass. It wasn’t how I planned it, but who can turn down coffee? (apparently, I can) I had hoped to maybe have a french press of kona coffee, but instead, I had standard restaurant coffee. How was it? It was great, just as good as I remembered it. I had two cups, with some cream. One with the meal, one with dessert. Overall, I have to say I’m just relieved. It’s good to be back to the coffee drinking world and have things back to normal. The first cup back was good, nice and warm, rich and delicious. The taste of coffee is just as sweet as I remembered it to be. I’m not too jumpy or anything, I feel pretty normal. I think I’m talking a bit faster and a bit more alert, but nothing out of the usual (nothing you wouldn’t expect with a cup of coffee).

However, tomorrow, that will be different; tomorrow is the day of coffee craziness!

Coffee, it’s good to be back. I missed you.

the countdown begins!

March 22nd, 2005

or, at least the better documentation of the countdown begins. Talking with friends at work yesterday, we realized it would have been good to document (blog) the entire experience of giving up coffee. But, it’s too late for that now. I could make up stories about withdrawals, having to take naps on weekends and lower overall energy levels, but they wouldn’t compare to the live, on-the-scene reporting that could have been. alas, time to move forward! the end is almost here!

Days without coffee: 42
Days until coffee: 5

The plan: on Sunday, I’ll have a nice mug of pure Kona coffee (maybe two). Then, on Monday, I go all-out crazy for the caffeine, quatro-mocha-espressos on the hour, every hour! The caffeine revolution will be blogged.

Coffee – How I Miss You!

March 8th, 2005

So, it’s now been 4 weeks without coffee. I’m actually doing ok. I didn’t have the nasty headaches that could be expected and I feel fine. However, I do long for coffee — I find myself daydreaming about the sweet, bold flavors; the warm embrace between hand and hot, cardboard cup; the energizing warmth as it goes down the throat and then direct to my mind! I could go on for longer, but then I would just make myself crazy.

Some observations about my life without coffee: much less focused in the afternoon (so easy to drift without that afternoon caffeine shot); constantly at about 90-95% alertness; taking naps (not intentionally, I just get too tired) on weekend days at around 6pm or 7pm; generally a bit less excited about waking up; finding it more necessary to get a good 8 hours sleep each night.

Coffee! I remain faithful to you in my absence! Nothing is taking your place, there are no substitutes for you and all that you mean to me! Soon, soon, we shall be together once again. We’ll get the gang back together too, maybe a donut, maybe cookies, definitely chocolate.

Only three more weeks to go!

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