Southwest Crossword Puzzles . . .

November 1st, 2005

. . . Suck. I get really frustrated working on the crossword puzzles in the magazine on Southwest flights. The puzzles are not witty or clever and I feel less smart for having worked on them. The worst part is, I usually can’t complete them, get to a point where I think the puzzle has an error in it, and then look at the answers to see that they’re doing something lame or have some trick about the puzzle that was too obvious for me to get. UGH. These are the puzzles that also appear in the LA Times and your other crap newspapers around the country. Oh NY Times xword puzzles, how I love you so! (Southwest is great otherwise, I LOVE that they still give you peanuts! how many airlines have stopped doing that? and Southwest seems to have pretty reasonable leg room (and what is this trend lately of airlines not cleaning the planes between flights? at least a plane equivalent of a whore’s bath, come on!))

A must read if you’re starting down the xword path:
WILL SHORTZ – How to Solve the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

An excerpt from the article:

A crossword puzzle is a battle between the puzzle maker and editor on one side and the solver on the other. But unlike most battles, both sides here have the same goal — for the solver to win. A perfect puzzle may put up lots of resistance. It may, in fact, seem impossible at first. Ideally, though, in the end the solver should triumph and think, Oh, how clever I am!

After the Southwest Crossword puzzles I just feel cheated.

Which reminds me, I should do another xword puzzle (right now!)! (NYTimes, of course)

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